Freshman Sound Off

Freshman Sound Off

Heading into the biggest game of the season for Florida State, the Seminoles will rely heavily on the play of several freshmen if they want to pull what could be the biggest upset in the history of this rivalry. Greg Reid, Jacobbi McDaniel and EJ Manuel all spoke with NoleDigest and gave their take on this weekends game.

Greg Reid

On how he plans to change the game with his kick returns.

"I hope they punt to me so I can give EJ the best chance I can by putting him in good field position."

On the chance to play against the nations number one team.

"I'm really excited about the opportunity. I've been crunk every since we beat Maryland and ready to go this weekend right now."

On his role this weekend.

"Coach put in some special plays for me, and for the defense also."

Will Urban Meyer kick to Greg Reid this weekend?

Jacobbi McDaniel

On playing in the swamp.

"To go play the number one team in the nation is a big challenge for us and a big step for us. To go in their home on senior day and all that is gonna have us fired up and we're gonna play all out."

"Of course it's Tim Tebow's last game but we're going in there knowing we have nothing to lose. We're already bowl-eligible so we're just going to go in there and do the best we can do."

On the freshman class wanting to knock off UF.

"We freshman all pretty much grew up FSU fans and right now UF has a target on their back so we're going to take dead aim at the bulls-eye."

On what the rivalry means to him personally.

"It means a whole lot to me. When Florida State use to lose games in the rivalry I would sit at home and cry like I was already a part of the team. I think that helps me to understand the fans frustration if we go out there and play bad, but that's not going to happen because I'm going to make sure we go out there and play the best we can play." "This game right here is the biggest game of the season."

EJ Manuel

On UF's defense.

"The main thing is that they are just very solid at every position. They are very physical and come at you hard every play. As long as we just take care of the ball, take what they give us and move the chains like we can, we'll get in the endzone and score touchdowns."

On the environment in the swamp.

"We just need to focus on what we have been doing all week in practice. We know it's a tough environment there but we can't worry about that. We just need to control what we can do take it from there. Once we get going playing the game, it's like the crowd isn't there. The best way to hush them up is just moving the ball so we gotta make sure we do that." Recommended Stories