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The Fight Continues

Has McPherson thrown away his career?

FSU players were still trying to cope with the news announced earlier in the day -- quarterback Adrian McPherson was dismissed from the team Monday amid reports that police planned to question him in the theft and forgery of a blank check. "We have had so many things happened to us, dating back to when Devaughn (Darling) passed away. We just have to play it out, day by day as it comes," linebacker Kendyll Pope said Monday night. We also have quotes from McPherson's attorney, Grady Irvin, Jr.

Kendyll Pope says it's easy for young players to fall into a trap if not careful. "You are going to get approached by different people every day," Pope said Monday night. "You have to know what things to do and things not to do. Just make right decisions the four or five years you are here because whatever you do in the dark will come out in the light and bite you." FSU players were still... Recommended Stories

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