Camp Jimbo QBs: Report

Camp Jimbo QBs: Report

At least five BCS level QB recruits went through drills at the Jimbo Fisher Camp on Thursday morning. We evaluate their performances here.

The Jimbo Fisher camp has been packed with talent the first two days and quarterback might be the most talented position of the camp. There were five legitimate top-tier quarterbacks at the Jimbo Fisher camp Thursday morning session. Here is how I would rank them:

1. 2016 4-star Jacob Eason (Lake Stevens, Washington)

Eason was the best quarterback at the camp. He has excellent size already at 6-foot-5, 210-pounds and moved really well for a guy that size. His release is short and smooth and comes right over the top. Jimbo spent extra time working with him throughout the morning session. Eason has excellent hand talent and natural touch, and his deep ball was on point during the one-on-one portion of the session. Every ball he threw was in a position where the receiver had a chance to catch it.

Offers: Florida State, Alabama, Georgia, Miami, Michigan, Notre Dame, Tennessee, Florida, Washington, Oklahoma State

2. 2015 4-star Deondre Francois (Bradenton, Florida)

Francois has an absolute cannon for a right arm. Easily the best arm on the field today. His mechanics are outstanding with an over-the-top, compact release. Not one ball that he threw this morning had any wobble to it. Where he trails Eason is that he does lack some touch at this point, but his accuracy and arm strength are second to none. He is a legit 6’2, 190 pounds as well. His sideline accuracy is what had everyone talking. On the out routes and throws outside the numbers, he consistently got the ball there on time and to the outside shoulder. Very impressive day for him.

Offers: Florida State, Oregon, Auburn, Notre Dame, Florida, LSU, Miami, Clemson, Michigan State, Louisville, Ohio State, Penn State, Tennessee, North Carolina, Michigan, Virginia Tech

3. 2016 5-star Malik Henry (Westlake Village, California)

Henry may have been the most athletic quarterback on the field today. He moved extremely well in the warm up drills. Henry’s throwing motion is a little long due to his baseball background (somewhat reminiscent of Clint Trickett’s motion) and that hurts him a little bit here. He is also fairly skinny at this point, checking in at 6-foot-2, 170-pounds. He was very accurate and also threw a fantastic deep ball. He displayed good touch and was able to drop the ball in right over the shoulder of the receiver on a few go routes. One of the best things that I saw from Henry today was his decision making. He tucked the ball a few times when none of his receivers were open.

Offers: N/A

4. 2016 3-star Jake Zembiec (Rochester, New York)

Zembiec doesn’t do any one thing spectacularly, but he does everything well. He throws a pretty ball, has good mechanics, and is accurate. Doesn’t have great arm strength, but every ball that he threw was on time. Zembiek is not a Florida State prospect, but will be a really good BCS level quarterback somewhere.

Offers: Oklahoma State, Penn State, Syracuse

5. 2015 3-star Deondre Johnson (Jacksonville, Florida)

Johnson did not have a good day today, and he suffered even more by comparison to the other prospects. Johnson is significantly shorter than the others at maybe 6'0 even, and he doesn't have a great deal of bulk on his frame. As a passer, Johnson’s mechanics need a lot of work. His elbow stays low throughout the throwing motion as his shoulders overrotate and his arm kicks out, with the result the he doesn’t come over the top with the ball. He frequently pushes the ball on short throws. None of his throws were crisp—there was a lot of wobble on every pass that traveled over ten yards. He wasn’t particularly accurate either. He did, however, look extremely athletic and moved very well. Johnson is definitely more of an “athlete” as a prospect than a quarterback at this point.

Offers: Florida State, Clemson, Florida, Auburn, Ohio State, North Carolina, Tennessee, UCLA

*Jason Staples also contributed to this report. Recommended Stories