Woodley has big night

Lorenzo Woodley

Running back Lorenzo Woodley has a big night. He rushed for 100 plus yards and three scores in his team's first round playoff win. Then he landed offer No. 17 from a PAC 12 school.

Lorenzo Woodley (Miami, Fla./Columbus) is a three-star running back from south Florida. He had a big night, as he led his team to a 49-3 first round playoff win over Miami Dr. Krop. He rushed for 14 times for 101 yards and scored three touchdowns. He also picked up scholarship offer No. 17.

"It's been a good day," Woodley said. "We won our first playoff game. After, I check my Facebook page and there was a message for me to call Arizona State. So I did and they offered me a scholarship. I really don't know a lot about them but I want to start building a relationship with those coaches. This kind of came out of the blue. They said they want to sign a bigger back. I need to do my research and see where this goes. If it goes well I will likely visit them."

Woodley, 6-foot-0 and 205-pounds, already made an official visit to Purdue earlier this month. It's doubtful he makes another until after his playoff run is over. Next Friday they play Coral Gables.

"I don't really know right now who I will visit next," Woodley said. "Things are moving a little slow. Teams are in their season and we are now in the playoffs. I know schools like West Virginia, Ole Miss and Florida State all said they want to come see me in the playoffs."

Woodley is the No. 56 ranked running back in the nation.

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